Quelli Belli Siamo Noi

1970 movie feauturing Maurizio Arcieri, Carlo Dapporto, Lino Banfi, Loredana Bertè

Quelli Belli Siamo Noi movie poster

In 1970 Maurizio participates at the “Disco per l’Estate” Festival with “Cinque Minuti e poi…“. The song is one of the greatest italian hits of the year, selling a million copies, and the leit-motiv of “Quelli belli siamo noi” (“We Are the Beautiful Ones“), a successful musicarello (musical comedy movie) in which Maurizio acts and sings.
The movie features – among others – Carlo DapportoCarlo delle PianeIsabella BiaginiRic e Gian and a young Loredana Bertè.

Maurizio Arcieri, Loredana Bertè – “24 ORE SPESE BENE…” – da “Quelli Belli… Siamo Noi” (1970)

In this page you can see the original affiche of the film (it’s in my personal collection) is shown. An altenate version of the affiche is shown at the bottom of this page.
Below, some frameshots of the movie, in which Maurizio sings 3 or 4 songs. He was dubbed by a bad actor (why?) and prefers to forget this movie as a whole..
Nevertheless, I find it amusing and funny…. 

Briefly, that’s how the story goes: 
Maurizio is a singer and has written a bunch of songs but, for the moment, he works as a car-repair apprentice. 
He falls in love with Elizabeth (Orchidea De Sanctis), a client’s daughter.

Maurizio Arcieri – “L’AMORE E’ BLU” – da “Quelli Belli… Siamo Noi” (1970)

She is in love too but her father (a Sicilian hairdresser) tries to contratst the two lovers, as she is supposed to marry a Sicilian man chosen by their families years before.
Moreover, Maurizio is seduced by a bad girl (Loredana Bertè) he meets at the Titan Club (where he occasionally sings with success).
But true love prevails and, after many troubles and misunderstandings, and with the help of a wit cousin from Sicily (the comedian Isabella Biagini), the couple manages to unite for life!

Quelli Belli Siamo Noi - Maurizio Arcieri, Orchidea De Sanctis, Carlo Dapporto
Quelli Belli Siamo Noi - Maurizio Arcieri, Orchidea De Sanctis, Carlo Dapporto
Quelli Belli Siamo Noi alternate poster
Maurizio Arcieri stars in "Quelli Belli Siamo Noi"


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