From I New Dada to the satellite, from the beat moods to the electronic experimentalism: the life and career of Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser

1962: At seventeen Maurizio Arcieri forms I New Dada.
The line-up, besides Maurizio, is formed by Franco “Pupo” Longo (battery), Franco Ladanza and Renato “Renè” Vignocchi (guitars), Ferruccio “Ferry” Sansoni (keyboards) and Giorgio Fazzini (bass-guitar).

I New Dada
I New Dada

1965-1966: thanks to Leo Watcher, their manager, the band is chosen to support the Italian tour  of the Beatles. By now launched, they enter among the first fiveItalian beat bands and win the  first edition of the “Beat Bands Festival” of Rieti.

A handful of singles and an album, “I’ll Go Crazy”, are released in a short time; the band takes part to different TV shows (“Studio Uno”, “Andiamoci Piano”, etc…) and participate at the 1966 edition of the “Cantagiro” Festival with “Non dirne più”.

In the autumn of the same year I New Dada win several contests held by “Bandiera Gialla” beat club.

On September 22, 1966 Maurizio meets Christina Moser at a private party held for the birthday of Patrizia Watcher (daughter of New Dada’s producer Leo).

At the top of success I New Dada split and Maurizio undertakes a solo career.

1967: some members of The New Dada follow Maurizio as supporting group.
Ballerina” and “Il comizio” are released. In the spring of the same year the remaining members of The New Dada support the Rolling Stones in their Roman concert.

Maurizio Arcieri

1968/1970: Maurizio participates at the “Disco per l’Estate” Festival with “Cinque Minuti e poi…“; the song is one of the greatest hits of the year and the leit-motiv of “Quelli belli siamo noi” (“We Are the Beautiful Ones”), a successful “musicarello” (musical comedy movie) in which Maurizio acts and sings some of his hits. The movie features – among others – Carlo DapportoCarlo delle PianeIsabella Biagini, Ric e Gian and  a young Loredana Bertè
The album “Maurizio” – 1970 is released.

1971/1975: the albums “Maurizio” – 1975 (a collection of Maurizio’s cool seventies singles), and “Trasparenze” (a progressive experiment) are released.

Maurizio is then chosen as the Italian narrator for the pan-european album “Peter and the Wolf”, a Polydor project that involves Brian EnoPhil Collins, Alvin Lee,Manfred Mann and many others.

Maurizio marries Christina, who has followed him for years as a faithful fan, and forms the duo Chrisma.

1976: Maurizio and Christina form the duo CHRISMA (the monicker is no less  than the contraction of their two names; in the following years the “Ch” will be replaced by the “K”).

The two move from Milan to London and record “U” and “Amore” with the help of Nico Papathanassiou and his brother Vangelis.


1977/1978: the profitable collaboration with Nico and Vangelis continues.
What  was happening in London also shake waters in the house Arcieri: the duo marries the punk cause adopting its look and records “Chinese Restaurant”, whose mood, rather than follow Pistols & Co. path seems a lot similar to certain works of the Velvet Underground (to which they will be compared by the illustrious New Musical Express).
The 45 drawn by the full-length “Lola” enters the Top 10.

During the promotional Chinese Restaurant Tour Maurizio experiments the notorious “finger-job” (a finger is cut on stage with a razor).
National uproar and bold titles on the newspapers, that come to write of an hypothetical loss of the finger in matter. 
The accident resolves in anticipated end of the tour.

1979: Maurizio and Christina record their second album, “Hibernation”, which gets a good  success also at international level. They are definitively established in London.
Other “scandal” because of the video drawn by the single “Aurora B.” in which Christina and Maurizio simulate suicide and sexual actions in a subway station. The clip is one of the first of Italian history.
The duo is now ready for a change of name and music direction: Krisma shift to electrowave.

1980: change of name and third album for the band (now with Hans Zimmer – now Oscar winning composer – at synthetizers programming): “Cathode Mamma”.
The single “Many Kisses” is a big summer hit and climbs the European charts. Krisma develop the first minisequencer: Krismino.

1981: the Arcieris leave Polygram for CGD and start to work in Holland at a new album that will be completed among an Alpine chalet and Milan.

1982: the experimental “Clandestine Anticipation” is released. Its sleeve artwork (by the late art designer Mario Convertino) will mark a real miliary stone. The album deals with water in all of its forms (liquid, frozen, at the state of vapor, fog, snow or rain) and is supported by a series of amazing videos filmed in tropical locations.

1982/1986: they sojourn in New York City. In the USA they will be authors of three videos for  MTV; subsequently they begin to work for France 2. In Italy they  often appear within different episodes of the program “Be Bop a Lula” hosted by Red Ronnie for Italia Uno
They teach electronic music and satellite contents in Detroit’s Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Nothing To do With the Dog” (of which an international version exists: “Fido”) and ” Iceberg” are released.
“Nothing To do…” lyrics are by Krisma and Arto Lindsay.

1987/1990: their last work on vinyl, “Non ho denaro”, is released. One of the hardest-to-find Krisma records, mostly sung in italian, “Non ho denaro” contains gems like “Messaggiami” and “Jungle Lover”.

1991/1999: their first records are remastered. They continue the productions for Italian state broadcasting company Rai Tre (BlobSat Sat) and produce a cut-up movie clip insert for for Nitrato d’Argento a film by Marco Ferreri.
Maurizio and Christina also design several video-art installations and are consultants for Benetton’s Centro Ricerca Comunicazione.
Since July 22, 1998, satellite television KrismaTV reaches, through Skyplex, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabic Countries.

1999/2000: KrismaTV is now broadcasted from Eutelsat.
In June 2000 finally opens and Maurizio comes back with the solo project Re/BIRTH

2001: Kara – the brand new Krisma cd single – has been released!!

Krisma cover this Garbo song included in tribute CD “Congarbo”.

Krisma, TV hosts

The track is arranged with Andy from Bluvertigo.

Krismagoa – 2005
A “goa-trance” track composed for Arezzo Wave Festival, and included in Trax Magazine sample cd.

10 Stratagemmi – 2004
Krisma have co-written and appear in 3 tracks (“Odore di polvere da sparo”, “23 coppie di cromosomi”, “Apparenza e realtà”) for Franco Battiato‘s album “Dieci Stratagemmi”. Vocals: Battiato; music: Krisma and Battiato.

In 2003 Maurizio and Christina appeared in Battiato’s movie “Perduto amor”, in which Maurizio sings “Cinque Minuti e poi…”.

Nuova Ossessione – 2001
A former guitarist of Chrisma, now member of Subsonica‘s crew, put in contact the two groups. They decided to co-write “Nuova Ossessione”, which topped the italian charts for many weeks.

Kara – 2001
Single CD. The last official Krisma release.

ReBirth and demos – 2001/present
Tip Master track and ReBirth sessions – included in playlist on the right – are part of Krisma production often performed in live and TV appearences, but never released on CD, for the moment.

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